About us

Dear Madam, Dear Sir!
Thank you for visiting our website. MAHART PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd. is the largest passenger cruising company in Hungary. In Hungary passenger water transportion exist more than 120 years, is mainly focused on the Danube as an international waterway. Our company was established on 1st of January in 1994 continueing the heritage of the long standing shipping company MHRT. 
The past decade has clearly demonstrated that although our services are related to ships, our activities are no longer limited to shipping and passenger transport by water in the classical sense, but are nowadays focused on serving the tourism market on the water at a European level. Our customers, clients and partners include hundreds of public institutions, companies, private individuals and nearly 400,000 passengers and guests. Our aim is to serve the needs of the domestic travelling public and guests visiting our country to the maximum. Our range of services consists of river passenger transport by classic river passenger vessels and hydrofoils, the organisation of cruise events, the operation of several Danube ports and the activities of MAHART Tours Travel Agency. 
Reflecting changing travel patterns, we have radically reformed our timetable over the last two years. We have launched the Danube Bend Roundtrips, which offer frequent departures, a variety of stops and affordable ticket prices for the recreation of visitors to the Danube Bend.
The Duna Corso sightseeing cruise boat, which is very popular with domestic and international visitors, has been equipped with a newly developed audio guide system to make the cruise experience even more complete. The main business of our company is the charter and cruise business, with domestic and international cruises also enjoying unbroken popularity.
The chartering of conventional vessels and the organisation of cruise events are our dynamically developing activities. 
Whatever your choice of cruise or service, our staff have many years of experience to help make your trip a success. 
Travel with us, we look forward to seeing you on board!
Staff of MAHART PassNave Kft