Cruise ship rental on Visegrád

medium sized air-conditioned and heatable event boat
The Corvin's exterior is also characterised by the blue and white colours that have been mentioned many times. The upper deck is open on the sides and is therefore also suitable for cruises. The lower restaurant area is dominated by blue and beige, from the floor coverings to the drapes, the chair covers and the skirts that decorate the tables. Of course, the latter can be changed according to the needs of an event. A bar area at the back of the restaurant gives a really cosy feel to the enclosed deck area, with gilded railings separating the bow section from the rest of the restaurant.
The boat, which can accommodate 20-80 people, is also a popular choice for wedding ceremonies, with the upper deck of the boat providing an excellent venue. Although the ship does not have its own kitchen, hot or cold meals can be ordered on request and are provided by MAHART PassNave Passenger Shipping Ltd. Thanks to the heated restaurant area, the Corvin is also suitable for events in winter. Similar to our other smaller event boats, we can provide the necessary equipment for presentations (sound system, CD player, microphone) in addition to the existing technical equipment, after prior arrangement. The Corvin is air-conditioned in the summer and heated in the winter (air blast), making it suitable for events all year round.
Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools can benefit from a 15% discount on the hourly and long-distance rates all year round!
hourly between 1st May-30th September  
Standing fee during waiting time  
Visegrád - Esztergom - Visegrád  
Visegrád - Vác - Visegrád  
Visegrád - Szentendre - Visegrád  
Visegrád - Budapest - Visegrád  
Fees above do not include VAT. Level of VAT 27%.
In case of other destinations the price will be calculated individual.
In case of using foreign ports, port fee and mooring fee are charged as separate items.
Prices always include round trip.
Prices include 2 hours of free waiting time and + 2 x 15 minute of embarkation and disembarkation.
Standing fee will be counted for each hour started.
CONTACT: 06/-1-484-4014


not suitable for catering

Ültetett svédasztalos 52 pax 40 pax
Ültetett svédasztalos + zenekar 48 pax 40 pax
Ültetett felszolgált 52 pax 40 pax
Befogadó képesség 60 pax 40 pax
Built 1979
Max.number of passangers 150 pax
Max restaurant capacity 80 pax
Heating system electric heat injection
Electricity 220 V and 380 V
The maximum capacity is determined by the type of event, the types listed here are indicative. The occupancy of the terrace depends on the weather.
Mobile phone: +36 30 585 5931 (Visegrád Ship Station)
Telefon: +36 26 398 296 (Visegrád Ship Station)
Telefon: +36 1 484 4014