During the cruise, passengers can admire the most beautiful parts of the Danube river from the boat, such as the Esztergom Basilica, the Maria Valeria Bridge, while enjoying the unique view of the Danube canyon.
Leaving Esztergom, the boat will pass the mouth of the Garam and then head towards Zebegény at the mouth of the Ipoly. If you would like to visit the Trianon memorial in Zebegény or the Isván Szőnyi museum and have a bonfire on the beach, you should take the boat for this day trip. The boat departs in the afternoon back to Esztergom.Dogs are welcome on the boat. 



Friday - Saturday  Sunday

ESZTERGOM - departure 10.00 16.00
SZOB 10.40 16.40
ZEBEGÉNY - arrival 10.55* 16.55
ZEBEGÉNY - return journey 11.05 17.05
SZOB  11.20 17.20
ESZTERGOM  - arrival 12.20 18.20


On this roundtrip you can buy a NAPIJEGY ticket, which is valid all day on the day of purchase, for the flight departing on that day, on that roundtrip.Jegyvásárláskor mindhárom Széchenyi Pihentőkártyát elfogadjuk ezen útvonalon.



PERSON  2500 HUF / pax / day
DOG  1000 HUF/ dog / day
BIKE  1000 HUF/ bike / day
  • Multiple boarding and alighting within one day
  • Seating on our boats is limited.
  • Our ferries only run on Friday - Saturday and Sunday. On weekdays only individual boat rentals are possible.
  • Separate ticket purchase per cruise is required.
  • Tickets purchased on the day of issue can be used to embark and disembark at any station on the route on the day of validity.
  • The Esztergom Circular will not run on 20 August. For further timetables for 20 August, please visit our website.