Visegrád circle line

An unforgettable journey, beautiful panoramic views and the smell of the Danube await those who decide to explore the Danube Bend in style by boat
Our Visegrád-Nagymaros-Zebegény-Dömös-Nagymaros-Visegrád route is very popular. Passengers can purchase a day ticket, which allows them to board and disembark the boat at any port on the day, interrupting the journey as they wish. 
From Visegrád, the first stop is Nagymaros, where passengers disembark at the Julianus Lookout with its magnificent panoramic view. If you continue your journey by boat and disembark in Zebegény, you will discover many interesting sights. Walking up to the Trianon Monument, you can see the winding curve of the Danube on one side and from the Kós Károly Lookout on the other. Walking down the hill, you can visit the István Szőnyi Memorial Museum, where you can admire the artist's works. 
Continuing by boat from Zebegény towards Dömös, you can see the Pilis mountains. From Dömös, the hiking trail leads to the Rám Gorge, and you can also hike to the Millennial Church.
From Dömös, the boat heads back to Nagymaros, where you can take the train back to the town, or continue on to Visegrád for another glimpse of the silhouette of the Citadel.